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What is Loud Budgeting and Does It Work?

What is Loud Budgeting and Does It Work?

Financial Literacy Month, recognized throughout the month of April, reminds us of the importance of making informed financial decisions. This year, a new social media trend called "loud budgeting" is gaining traction, particularly among younger adults, AKA millennials and Gen Z. But what exactly is loud budgeting, and how can it contribute to your financial institution's overall financial literacy efforts?

Loud and Proud About Your Finances

Among endless TikTok trends, we've finally found one we can get behind! Loud budgeting is a strategy that encourages open communication about your financial goals and limitations. In the past, we've been taught that it's taboo to discuss finances with friends and family but unlike the traditional approach of keeping your budget private, loud budgeting involves being upfront with those closest to you about why you might decline spending that doesn't align with your goals. This transparency aims to break the stigma around money struggles and empower individuals to prioritize their financial well-being. Additionally, the public accountability aspect of loud budgeting can serve as a powerful motivator to stay on track with your financial plan, as well as motivate others to do so.

Why Should Banks and Credit Unions Pay Attention?

The rise of loud budgeting highlights a shift in financial attitudes, particularly among younger demographics. According to a study by Forbes, 76% of millennials and Gen Z young adults believe financial content on social media has made it less taboo to talk about money, with 62% expressing that they feel empowered by their access to financial advice on social media. Understanding these trends is crucial for banks and credit unions that want to connect with and support their future members. Loud budgeting, when practiced effectively, has the potential to improve overall financial health by encouraging responsible spending habits and potentially reducing reliance on high-interest loans or overdrafts. This aligns perfectly with the core mission of Financial Literacy Month, which is to empower individuals to make sound financial decisions.

Opportunities for Banks and Credit Unions

Community banks and credit unions are uniquely positioned to support the loud budgeting movement. Your customers trust the stability of your institution in their neighborhoods, now we have to make sure your offerings and resources are living up to their needs. Here are a few ways your FI can get involved:
  • Offer budgeting tools and resources: Provide user-friendly online banking tools, online budgeting templates, and educational content on budgeting basics.
  • Promote financial literacy programs: Develop workshops and seminars that encourage open communication about money management within families and communities.
  • Embrace social media engagement: Utilize social media platforms to create engaging content about responsible budgeting and highlight success stories of loud budgeters.

Not Just A Fad

Loud budgeting might be a new social media trend, but it reflects a growing desire for financial transparency and responsible money management. By incorporating the principles of loud budgeting into their financial literacy initiatives, banks and credit unions have a valuable opportunity to empower their members and pave the way toward a financially healthier future. Let's seize the momentum of Financial Literacy Month to go beyond mere discussions about money and empower individuals to confidently declare their financial goals and take proactive steps towards enhancing their financial well-being!

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