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Jul 12 3 min read

Deepening Customer Relationships Digitally

Deepening Customer Relationships Digitally

We're diving into an essential topic in the world of mobile banking: user engagement.

Here's the deal: many mobile banking vendors struggle with limited user interaction, making cross-selling and upselling a real challenge. Believe it or not, users currently spend less than 1 minute per month in their banking app. How can we drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships when we barely have their attention?


The Solution: Gamification in Mobile Banking Apps

Enter gamification, a game-changer in the mobile banking realm. By incorporating gamified elements, we provide customers with a compelling and fun reason to consistently engage with their banking app. This approach transforms mundane financial tasks into enjoyable experiences, fostering a habit of returning to the app. As users spend more time in the app, valuable data and insights are gathered, opening the door to effective cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Gamification features, like Financial Health Levels with badges and points earned for positive actions taken, also entice users to level up their financial health in ways like saving more in their emergency fund.


The Benefits of Gamification: Increasing Engagement and Revenue

Gamification offers a range of benefits that shouldn't be overlooked. It primarily increases users' time in the app, moving beyond mere seconds and creating more substantial interaction. With the gamified features of our Personified Platform, users went from spending less than a minute a month in their banking application to 13.5 minutes a month. This extended engagement improves user satisfaction and provides banks with valuable data that can be leveraged to understand their customers better.

Moreover, gamification acts as a catalyst for revenue growth. By immersing users in an enjoyable experience, enticing them to level up by earning badges and points, and increasing their Financial Health Level, their trust and loyalty to the banking institution deepen. This heightened engagement paves the way for increased sales opportunities as customers become more receptive to exploring additional products and services.

The Relationship between Gamification and Revenue Generation: Setting the Record Straight

Let's address a common misconception: gamification isn't just an add-on; it's a fundamental revenue driver in the mobile banking space. By prioritizing user enjoyment and fostering a positive user experience, banks can enhance customer relationships and, ultimately, boost their bottom line. Vendors who underestimate the impact of gamification are missing out on a vital tool for revenue generation. 

While gamification holds immense potential, it's crucial to address potential challenges. Some may worry about gamification distracting users or trivializing financial matters. But Q2’s Dallas Wells said it best: “Financial institutions must innovate and personalize their approach to gathering primary deposit accounts.” Striking a balance between entertainment and maintaining the seriousness of financial tasks is essential to keeping your customers engaged.

Elevating Customer Relationships in the Digital Era

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile banking, user engagement reigns supreme. Gamification provides a powerful solution to deepen customer relationships and drive revenue growth. By infusing the banking app with elements of fun and interactivity, users are encouraged to spend more time engaging with their finances. This increased interaction unlocks valuable insights and sales opportunities, setting the stage for a successful future in the gamified banking world.



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