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May 19 1 min read

How Personified Helps Community Banks and Credit Unions Compete with Tech Giants

While Apple's foray into the savings account space in partnership with Goldman Sachs offers a number of attractive features, one potential issue that may arise for customers is accessing cash. Since Apple and Goldman Sachs lack physical branches, customers may face several challenges like incurring fees when trying to withdraw cash from their Apple Savings accounts.

Potential Problems with Apple's Savings Accounts

  1. Limited cash access: Without physical branches or a vast network of ATMs, Apple Savings account holders may have difficulty finding convenient locations to withdraw cash without incurring fees.

  2. Reliance on digital transactions: Apple's ecosystem heavily emphasizes digital transactions, which may not cater to customers who prefer or require cash transactions for various reasons.

Opportunities for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Despite the challenges posed by tech giants entering the financial sector, community banks and credit unions can leverage their strengths to compete effectively by focusing on the following:

  1. Local presence: Community banks and credit unions can capitalize on their physical presence and network of ATMs to provide easy cash access for their customers.

  2. Personal touch: By offering personalized customer service and building strong relationships, community banks and credit unions can foster loyalty and trust among their clientele.

  3. Targeting underserved segments: Community banks and credit unions can focus on serving customers who may not be well-served by tech giants' financial products, such as those who rely on cash transactions or require in-person banking services.

  4. Personalized financial guidance: By adopting platforms like Finotta's Personified, community banks and credit unions can provide personalized financial guidance to their customers, offering similar conveniences without losing them to Apple.

While Apple Savings accounts present a challenge to community banks and credit unions, these institutions can leverage their unique strengths, including their physical presence, personalized service, and innovative integrations like Finotta's Personified Platform. By focusing on these advantages, community banks and credit unions can compete effectively with tech giants in the evolving financial services landscape.

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