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Jan 6 8 min read

Flip the Script for Customers to Improve their Financial Health

As inflation soars and a recession looms,

your customers are looking for real solutions to help them climb out of a seemingly never-ending black hole, otherwise known as their financial situation. Nearly three-quarters of consumers have less in savings than the previous year, and 29% say they have wiped out their savings entirely. It’s no surprise then that 46% of people now describe their personal financial situation as poor, up from 37% in March. 

With the cost of living continuing to climb, only 35% of U.S. adults say they are now financially better off than they were a year ago. In addition, 61% of Americans who paid a bill late in the last six months said it was because they couldn’t afford it.

That’s a whole lot of suckage. BUT - the good news is that millions of Americans want guidance on how to improve their situation.

So how can financial institutions provide value when customers need it most?

Finotta’s Personified Platform can improve the financial health of customers within your existing digital channel, all while generating revenue and increasing loyalty. You heard that right – generating revenue in your digital channel. And a lot of it. 

Using the statistics above, we’ll break down how exactly Personified, the only provider of Personalized Financial Guidance technology, can help combat the current state of Americans’ financial health and flip the script for your customers.


With nearly three quarters of consumers having less in savings than the previous year and nearly 30% having wiped out savings entirely, creating and maintaining emergency funds are clearly needed. Finotta’s Personified Platform proactively prompts any user without an emergency fund to open one. To date, 93% of Personified users prompted to open an emergency fund follow through to do so. Holy savings, batman!! That is an incredible open rate. 

Within the first month, Personified has proven to increase savings account openings 20X compared to a typical physical branch. Using our PFG technology has also resulted in an 86% decrease in marketing acquisition costs compared to the industry average for savings accounts. Not only does increasing customer savings and emergency fund accounts enhance the consumer’s financial wellness, but it also drives revenue for the financial institution by bringing in more monthly deposits that can then be used for loan collateral. That’s a huge win-win.


46% describing their situation as poor is a staggering amount! In order to change that, consumers need an accurate view of their complete financial situation and solutions-driven guidance on what to do next. Finotta’s Personified Platform offers a holistic view of the customer’s financial situation with an aggregated view of accounts, along with bite-sized education and improvement targets along the way. Financial Vitals help users understand how they’re performing in the areas of income, expenses, cash flow, emergency fund savings, debt to income ratio, housing and auto. Personified then suggests ways that customers can improve performance in each area to boost vitals. 

In addition, Personified’s gamified Financial Health Levels provide opportunities to earn points and advance with healthy behavior. By combining the importance of financial wellness with the fun of gamification, customers have an exciting, interactive and engaging way to improve their financial health. With aggregated accounts, real-time vitals and an engaging leveling system, users of Personified can accurately view and improve their financial situation right away.


Everyone wants to be better off financially than they were last year. But with only 35% of adults saying that is the case, the rest of Americans need guidance to get there. With Finotta’s Personified Platform serving as a Financial Journey Guide, users are guided to a better financial future with personalized financial guidance every single day. 

Recommendations generated by Personified are customized to each individual for what would be most helpful to them at that exact moment in their financial journey. Every customer’s financial health is different, and as such, each individual needs unique, actionable solutions to improve their finances. Recommendations could include opening or transferring money into an emergency fund or paying down debt in the most efficient manner possible to save money on interest and get out of debt faster. Personalized financial guidance actively helps users get to a better financial position, no matter what financial journey they are on.


With 61% of Americans unable to afford their bills resulting in late payments, switching to a loan with a better rate that saves them a ton of money would be a huge help both immediately and in the long run. Personified does just that. Our predictive product recommendations help users save money by suggesting product conversions that will refinance a loan to a lower interest rate. Personified also provides debt paydown strategies to help users pay down the right loans in the right order to save the most possible on interest. Overall, this frees up cash flow and improves the customer’s ability to afford expenses or put their money to work and build wealth in the long run.

With Personified, your financial institution will be able to identify, analyze, and suggest both internal products and product referral partners of Finotta to substantially boost your share of wallet all while helping the customer.


If you want to help your customers flip the script on the current state of their financial situation, while also generating revenue and increasing loyalty for your FI, Personified is the answer. Together, we can help improve Americans’ financial health and boost engagement through solutions-driven personalized financial guidance.

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